Alternative Gaming Australia

once a Team Fortress 2 community
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That was some good shit

AG is was an alternative-friendly online gaming community. Whether you’re gay, bi, trans, straight, a fur — or any other yummy flavour — we definitely all had one thing in common: we love TF2*.

Of course this means we’re a bunch of kids who get up to kinky gay sex and play video games. More srsly the group was an open set of TF2 servers set up by a furry and a general alt scene kid (those emo buggers).

* we play(ed) other games too!

18+ images were permitted; illegal stuff is still illegal

Some moralism

We didn’t want to be too moralistic, but we promoted good sportsmanship and generally not being a dickhead — akin to what Day[9] once wrote: “We’re a broad community, intelligent, curious, ambitious, and competitive. We are gamers, and we’re pretty intolerant of bullsh*t.

Play keeps us curious, imaginative, and teaches us to learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves. Play develops bonds and has created many lasting friendships and communities.”

Donations? lüffy & Virtue paid for the servers but we also received circa $1,500 in donations from the community over three years through Pledgie. Danku.