Alternative Gaming Australia

Alternative Gaming Australia

a Team Fortress 2 community
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The 411

AG is an alternative-friendly online community. Whether you’re gay, bi, trans, straight, a fur — or whatever other yummy flavour — we all have one thing in common: we love TF2*.

We’re a bunch of kids who get up to kinky gay sex and play video games. On a more serious note, the group is for gamers with an open mind; it’s founded by a furry and a general alt scene kid (those emo buggers).

* we play other games too!

18+ images permitted, but illegal stuff is still illegal

The Gamer Manifesto

We don’t want to be too moralistic but we like to promote the value of good sportsmanship and generally not being a dickhead.

Akin to what Day[9] once wrote: “We’re a broad community, intelligent, curious, ambitious, and competitive. We are gamers, and we’re pretty intolerant of bullsh*t.

Play keeps us curious, imaginative, and teaches us to learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves. Play develops bonds and has created many lasting friendships and communities.”

Donations? Our servers cost money which lüffy & Virtue pay for out of their own pockets. We do accept donations.